Trauma Informed Relationship Therapy & Pastoral Care, for individuals and couples via Emotional Regulation, EMDR, Polyvagal Therapy and Transactional Analyse: From your attachment blueprint to current personality adaptations.

Rachamim is a private psychotherapie practice for women over the age of 18. Rachamim operates under the loving principles of the Christian faith. TA is of course also applicable to all belief systems. Rachamim was founded for women who are struggling with themselves, unhealthy relationships, or with communication and who want to bring about change by working on their half of the interactions! TA is mainly about increasing awareness; gaining insight into both our strengths and also into the defences we use. The constant question in TA is "what is it that I do that ensures that the other person keeps....?"

By combining mind, heart and feelings, I work with the help of TA and embodied psychotherapy exercises to bring people in contact with their strengths and outdated, self-limiting defence mechanisms. With this awareness we can go onto promote emotional intelligence, and work on emotional regulation. With the use of TA, I can support clients to develop their capacity to deal better with specific psychological challenges and help them grow towards who and how they want to really be. An appointment with Lesley is:
Enjoyable, Interactive, Respectful, Curious and Playful, Openhearted, and Intimate

Do you want to experience the transition from coming out of Survival Mode to being Alive and Thriving yourself? Book a free initial appointment.


"I have experienced it as very positive. Lesley was very calm and loving and patient."

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Making Acquaintance

Making Acquaintance: We start with a no-obligation one-hour appointment or call. Before this, upon receipt of your email, I will send you a questionnaire to complete in advance, so that you can present with a clear help request. During this initial appointment, I can examine which approach will best work for you and I can make a rough estimate of the number of 90 minute sessions that we will need. That varies from a minimal of six to ten sessions. When we decide to work together, we then make an appointment for our first paid session. During each session we make a contract, which is frequently revised. If we decide not to work together in the first hour, we take leave of each other and no costs are incured.

Send an email to request if you:

  • Find it difficult to set your boundaries
  • Continue to suffer from the adverse events from the past
  • Are always looking after others and neglecting your own needs
  • Do not dare to bond with someone else
  • Have developed despair in relationships as a result of emotional and psychological abuse
  • Are a child of or ex-partner of a Narcissistic personality
  • Find it difficult to connect with your feelings
  • Feel uncomfortable with other people because you are afraid that they will not like you, or feel inferior
  • Want to write a new storyline for your life
  • Experience that thinking, acting and feeling have become out of touch with each other
  • Have never been able to develop the “dance” of mutually reciprocal relationships
  • What you have dtreid and done so far, is proving ineffective!


€ 130 per 90 minutes or € 90 per hour. Discount on pre-paid trajectories: € 750 for 6x 90-minute sessions, or € 1200 for 10x 90-minute sessions

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!


Lesley is of English origin and has a background in nursing and working with families in need. Strengthened through her Christian faith, Lesley has developed strong passions for women, empowerment, health, freedom and connection, reconciliation, autonomy, and inner healing. Through the successfully completed three year TA study in Personality Theory, these subjects were brought together and combined with the necessary 1 year course in mental health. “For years I saw marriages and ministries break down due to personality problems. Due to a lack of social, emotional and communication skills and due to a lack of self awareness. In addition, I consistently encountered capable, loving and committed women in unhappy relationships where an ‘unhealthy symbiosis’ had developed. Now I recognise this as co-dependence and in TA language, the driver ‘Please (others)’ that has become out of balance. Most likely reinforced by a high sensitive personality type, who learnt very young to adapt to others, the Christian doctrine and an empathetic disposition. I too, am a highly sensitive person and from childhood I desired to understand people and their drivers. I grew up in a nest of stress and emotional neglect and have therefore been prone to emotional abuse. I have a good intuition, am insightful and am very good at analysing”.

Lesley’s Characteristics:

Empathetic, Authentic, Accepting Approachable, Responsive, Committed Not judgmental and yet dares, with permission, to enter into a confrontation


  • Personality Analysis
  • Unhealthy Symbiosis
  • Co-Dependency
  • Narcissistic Personality Syndrome Victim Support
  • SIBAMO method for trauma processing
  • Inner healing of early Trauma
  • Promoting Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Underlying Attachment Issues
  • Loving Boundaries
  • Improving Communication Skills, Connection and Relationships
  • Spiritual Freedom
  • Connection: within yourself and with others